I’m a stand-up comedian

An Evening at the Improv

Liz Wheat began her performing career at birth. Born in Houston, Texas, Elizabeth McRae Wheat joined a loving, dramatic, creative, dys “FUN” ctional family. As the youngest child, with two older brothers (at that point), she quickly perfected the role of princess and moved on to pursue greater challenges in the great comedian breeding grounds known as “family life.”

At age 6, she and her mom and her two brothers moved to cheese country Milwaukee, Wisconsin. And for the next 12 years she spent going back and forth from Texas to Wisconsin! She spent the winters shoveling the driveway in Wisconsin (she knows her brothers are reading this now and saying, “when did Liz ever shovel the driveway” — but she swears she did; ok maybe it was just once). She avoided the blissful Wisconsin summers by returning to Texas each year where she divided her time between sweating while singing Christian tunes at Baptist Bible Camp and preparing for her future career by living with her speedo wearing Dad, step mom, four crazy brothers, and one sister. Rather than being driven to insanity, Liz chose to channel her creative energy into the performing arts. Her first role (on stage) was Hans Christian Anderson’s grandmother in a school play. She continued her interest in theatre through high school.

Her comedic talents have been developing her whole life but she really feels like she honed them while she was a rebellious teen at a small college prep school in Milwaukee. She was frequently in trouble and used her wit, charm and down right bullshitting skills to get her out of many a detention and suspension. Although, not always! She went on to study sociology at The University of Texas –Austin where she began acting in several independent films.

However, after a really bad relationship, Liz packed her bags and moved to Canada where she thought those Canucks would fill her God’s sized black hole. Intent on a real serious career as a real serious actress she worked hard in an acting and film program at Vancouver Film School. After a nine-month depression, living in the non stop rain in Vancouver, she vowed she would never go north again and promptly packed her bags yet again. With a bunch of credit cards, an attitude and a suitcase full of damp clothes she made her way down to Los Angeles, to become a real serious actress!

While schlepping around to auditions, acting classes and working at several million odd jobs she began attending self help groups. She became frustrated when she couldn’t find a self help program for self help group addicts. After sharing at these self help meetings she was often told that she should do stand up. She found when she shared honestly about her life and people laughed (she felt with her and not at her, although sometimes probably directly at her) that it was very healing for both her and others. This planted a seed, which she ignored, since she was intent on a serious career as a serious actress. Finally she realized her addiction was not to self help groups, but to standing in front of people and making them laugh. She mulled it over for a while and then finally took the plunge in 2009, and currently feeds her addiction by performing around Los Angeles and having a fabulous time doing it!